Distressed Property Report – Goodyear and Buckeye

04 Feb

How many distressed properties are in your neighborhood? Visit this web site to see how your zip code compares:

When comparing zip codes within a specific town or city it is interesting to see just how different the numbers can be. For example in Buckeye you have two zip codes, 85326 which is south of I-10 and the 85396 zip code which is north of the freeway and extends from Verrado all the way north to Festival Foothills. Let’s take a look at the distressed property report as of 1/30/12. The 85326 zip code had a total of of 214 distressed properties which was 68% of the active listings, while the 85396 zip code had a total of 75 or 38% of active listings. Looking closer at the Verrado neighborhood (numbers pulled from MLS) you would find 3 distressed properties accounting for 5% of active listings.

Meanwhile in nearby Goodyear the 85395 zip code north of the freeway had 97 distressed properties or 40% of total active listings. The 85338 zip code had 202 distressed active listings or 60% distressed properties. Honing in on the 85338 zip code to the neighborhood of Estrella you will find 19 distressed properties which is about 19% of the active market (numbers pulled from MLS).

These numbers confirm that Real Estate Markets are local. Even within specific zip codes some neighborhoods are performing much better than others. For example neighborhoods like Verrado and Estrella that offer many amenities in a unique lifestyle are leading the market. When you are ready to buy or sell home consult with a local Realtor who understand the neighborhood market. If you are interested in buying or selling in the west valley contact me at or 623-910-1733.


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