Verrado Market Snapshot – Pending Sales

20 Apr
Verrado Market Snapshot – Pending Sales

As of April 20th there were 37 Pending Sales in Verrado. Up over 28% from 29 Pendings on March 22nd. Here is the breakdown of the current Pending Sales:

5 Bank Owned (14% of total), 4 Short Sales (11% of total) , 12 Builder (32% of total), 16 Traditional Resale (43% of total)

On March 22nd there were 29 Pending Sales in Verrado.

3 Bank Owned (10%), 3 Short Sales (10%), 8 Builder (28%), 15 Traditional Resale (51%)

On February 1st there were 31 Pending Sales.

9 Bank Owned (29%), 5 Short Sales (16%), 9 Builder (29%), 8 Traditional Resale (25%)

We are continuing to see less of the bank owned and short sale inventory on the market. Those that do go on the market sell quickly and Traditional sales and builder spec homes are starting to be the majority. Expect to see less builder inventory homes on the market as builders are taking more orders for newly built homes and building less on speculation. Inventory appears to be shrinking still with total Pending sales being close to the total Active listings in any given time frame. This could be a good time to list a home as the choices of existing homes continues to shrink. If you are thinking about listing your home contact Amy at 623-910-1733 or e-mail at


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