5 Things Not to Post on Facebook when Selling your Buckeye, Goodyear area home

03 Jun

Facebook and social media can be a fun and even effective way to get the word out about your Buckeye, Goodyear area home. For example, I once had a client who used her social network to help a YouTube video that I made of her Verrado home get well over 200 views in about a 2 week time frame.


In today’s internet connected world buyers may be watching you. If you are not careful you might share too much information and that can hurt the sale of your home. Here are 5 things not to post or do on Facebook.

1) Be careful about posting about why you are selling your home both before and while the home is listed. You may be excited about your new job transfer out of state and want to share it with friends or you may be looking for advice with your pending divorce but you don’t want the buyers to be aware of these kinds of situations. This kind of information can give the buyer insight as to how motivated you are to sell and can help them during negotiations.

2) Don’t discuss how many showings you have had and definitely don’t vent any frustrations that you have about how the marketing of your home is going. If the home is not being shown enough a potential buyer may feel that your home is overpriced and venting may lead them to think that you are willing to negotiate more to get the home sold or it may even make them think you might be difficult to deal with.

3) If you have already purchased another home or are actively looking for another one don’t share the details online. If a potential buyer knows that you might have two mortgages they may be more likely to send you a low ball offer.

4) Don’t talk about the negotiation process once you have the offer. Remember the buyer may be watching you online. This can be a very emotional time and you may want to vent but you don’t want to offend the buyer and you don’t want to give away any valuable information during critical negotiations.

5) Don’t friend your buyer on facebook or make direct contact with them on social media networks. Again, this is a very emotional time frame. There is a reason why you want to let the Realtors do the negotiating and one of these is to take the emotion out of the process. I have seen where buyers get in touch with sellers to buy furniture. I have also seen cases when a sale of a couch has gotten in the way of a sale of the home. If you are selling items online and the buyer talks to you directly discuss anything talk with your Realtor before replying.

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